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The Fit Room is a community. The Fit Room is a family. And we are the place you go to build a healthy lifestyle. This is not a quick fix. Or a band-aid solution. This is the full solution to a healthier, leaner and more Fit you.

We are your home away from home. Whether in person, or online, we’ve got your back.

We specialize in Boot Camp, Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching!


Plus we have an amazing wellness team of Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, and Psychotherapy!


The thing about fitness, is you’ve gotta build momentum. And building momentum on your own is hard to do!
Maybe you tried to buckle down before. You gave it your all but life got in the way! 

At The Fit Room, we keep members accountable. Like, seriously accountable.
Ok, so we’re not air-horning you out of bed but we DO text, call, email, and message you on social media.
It’s all about support. Because hey, in more ways than one, we are a community and a family.


What’s the point, if you ain’t getting results? Right? We get it. Which is exactly why we put your goals front and centre, when you become a member of The Fit Room. Whether it’s losing weight, gaining strength, or getting back to feeling great and sleeping well, we’ll put a strategy in place to get you there. It’s about finding the right fitness and nutrition plan that matches your goals, and lifestyle. Rather than banking on a one-size-fits-all approach to health. 
Our coaches dial it in. With you in mind.

The Fit Room Changed My Life




Boredom is the #1 killer of motivation. And it’s why that treadmill in your basement is probably being used as a laundry drying rack right about now. No one looks forward to a boring workout. And THAT is why we continually mix it up. Like a good 90s remix. Never the same workout twice.


No one likes to feel deprived when following a nutrition plan.
And a good nutrition plan, takes into account REAL LIFE.
A huge part of healthy eating, is simply getting in to the habit of grabbing that apple, more often than not. And never treating food like the enemy. Our nutrition plan,  plus the other tools we offer, help you stay on track, providing tons of family-friendly tips and tricks to help you become a nutrition expert for in your own life! We focus on habits and then diet!


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