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The best group training program in Richmond hill
for weight loss, strength
and toning.

Are you:

Scared to start?

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We will help you find
a program that fits
your goals
and lifestyle

The Fit Room has been voted the Top Gym in Richmond Hill for the last 3 years!

The Fit Room is a community.
The Fit Room is a family.

Group Coaching

Strength Training

Boot Camps

Nutrition Coaching



The thing about fitness, is you’ve gotta build momentum. And building momentum on your own is hard to do!
At The Fit Room, we keep members accountable. Like, seriously accountable.

It’s all about support. Because hey, in more ways than one, we are a community and a family.


What’s the point, if you ain’t getting results? Right? We get it. Which is exactly why we put your goals front and centre, when you become a member of The Fit Room. It’s about finding the right fitness and nutrition plan that matches your goals, and lifestyle.

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