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Holistic Wellness

We believe that health goes beyond exercise and diet


Unfortunately many of us suffer from some form of injury. Make sure to book an appointment with our Massage Therapist Craig and Marc or our Physiotherapist David. 


To book an appointment call us at (905) 770-8777 , email us, or visit client services inside the studio at our front desk.

Leg Injury
Tuesday and Thursday- 10am-6pm
The Rehab Room

Who needs Physiotherapy?

Most people can benefit from a Physiotherapy treatment. Whether it is to prevent injury, recover from an injury or even just to maintain ideal function.

Look to Physiotherapy if you:

Experience pain or stiffness

Experience numbness or tingling

Experience a reduced mobility or strength

Experience headaches/migraines

Have any injury

Are going for/or are recovering from surgery

Have a desire to maintain or improve your physical health

Pressure Point Massage
Wellness Logo.png

TUESDAY- 10-6PM Thursday: 10am-7pm / Friday: 10pm-6pm / Saturday: 9am-3pm

The Massage Room

Who Would Benefit from Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy is a multi-purposeful tool with a holistic treatment approach.

Look to Massage Therapy if you:

Spend most of your day sitting

Are in a high-stress position

Are an athlete

Are a weekend Warrior

Suffer from chronic pain

Recovering from an injury

Female Patient
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Thursdays 10am-7pm
The Mindset Room

Who can Benefit from Psychotherapy?

It's time you feel better about yourself, and that starts with you taking control of your mindset.

Look to Psychotherapy if you:

Want to take back control of your life

Improve your self-esteem

Reduce stress and anxiety

Fight depression

Work on habits and routine

Understand root causes of unhealthy behaviour

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